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History of an idea

La Rosa was established back in the 50s, as the result of a business idea hatched by its founders Alessandro Casadio and Anna Rosa Farina. At first they coordinated a large number of manual knitting workers on behalf of companies in Carpi area. Later in 1957 they launched their own business enterprise opening a knitwear production laboratory. In 1965 the first company plant was completed and the following year the investment was rounded up with the purchase of Fully Fashion Cotton Knitting Machines.

La Rosa is a classic example of family business that with commitment and evolving ability gave birth to the Fashion system in Italy.

In 1987 the current headquarters in Via Togliatti was inaugurated, in the heart of one of the regions most known for its manufacturing tradition in the fashion industry.

Always recognized locally as the reference model for high quality knitwear production, establishes a dense cooperation network with laboratories and spinning mills, reinforcing a strong link with the territory.