La Rosa is a classic example of family company, which with commitment and development capacity has given life to the fashion system in Italy
La Rosa works in the fashion sector using the most advanced technologies and the maximum professionalism. La Rosa provides all the necessary services to create fashion product.
A careful search for materials and fabrics, the study of the garments' specific techniques through sampling and tests, timely solutions for any feasibility problem and the like, all this to achieve a smooth and dynamic work.
The maximum expression of our service is the optimization of the production cycle aimed at meeting our clients' time and cost requirements. In addition, a special focus is on consumer and market trends and needs, to which we devote our time and financial resources.
Love for the product,
Care for the detail
Yarns: Cashmere, Silk, Vicuna, Wool, Cotton etc.

Finishing: Fantasia color stripes and intarsia, jaquard designs, ribbed perforated braid knitting men and women.
Technology and innovation

55 years of passion for knitwear, precious yarns, quality, creative expression and functional but innovative and contemporary. Starting from the magical finesse of 42 gauge, which offers women and men the comfort to wear something very thin to caress the skin with your knit and accessories lightest in the world. The finest cashmere, modern techniques such as 42 gauge and texture match of yarn research, that makes every item of our collection remains feminine and comfortable at the same time.

Yarn of Japanese research, yak, cashmere fabric on the finest 42 gauge are some of the components that characterize the men's collection. All of the proposals of our collection rigorously, at any finesse to be produced, are an essential item on subtlety and made on 42 gauge finesse become a shell of great luxury never to be abandoned.

LA ROSA IMOLA Srl - Via Togliatti, 20 - 40026 Imola (BO) - Italy